AJRA Tex is one of the most successful textile manufacturers in India; a country with great potential in the field of Home Textiles manufacturing. AJRA has acquired a versatile production chain to cater flexible orders in shorter lead-time. Being an industry-standard certificate holder, AJRA assures the perfect blend of quality and efficiency. AJRA has passed over 15 years of accomplishment, aiming to lead the competitive Home Textiles organizations of India. It has arduously re-engineered each step of its value-chain to match the dynamism of the fashion market. AJRA has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled workforce and introduced integrated technologies, to remain globally up-to-date. It is truly an organization with a glorious past and a bright future.  

Green and Responsible

  Being “green-minded”, AJRA believes that its success should not come at the expense of the environment. Through responsible acting and innovative thinking, it contributes to the prevention of pollution, energy-conservation and sustainable use of raw materials. AJRA works arduously to minimize energy consumption and reduce green house gas emissions. AJRA has improved store design, enforced the recycling of waste and implemented usage of double-sided copy-machines. AJRA only makes use of environment-friendly dyes and chemicals. It has also setup an ETP to add life to its surroundings. For over a decade, AJRA’s charitable arm, has spearheaded the company’s community involvement efforts. It has donated to various orphanages, safe-homes (for girls) and flood & tsunami victims. AJRA strictly complies with ILO regulations and thus, actively supports the elimination of child labour from the society. AJRA has effectively developed the “green and responsible” concept among its partners. AJRA believes that the best way to bring about social and environmental change is to leverage its biggest corporate asset – the workforce. AJRA has enormous potential to make a difference, through employee talents and passion for volunteering. AJRA certainly repays them – by arranging worker recreation programs and annual festivities.