AJRA has always been pushing the limits of its capacity, and can now handle volume orders with ease. As a composite manufacturer, AJRA advanced from weaving, dyeing and finishing to made ups manufacturing at a massive scale.

AJRA’s Fabric Unit, powered by superior European machineries, iscapable of producing 20 tons of fabric per day. AJRA has been increasing its manufacturing-capacity over the years, to convey volume orders of clients, in a shorter lead-time. It can successfully produce 1.2 million pieces per month.

Design & Development

AJRA can comprehend the swinging-pendulum of the fashion world and can therefore adapt to the taste of trendy consumers. This keeps AJRA one step ahead of other textile-manufacturers. It has restructured its Sample-Division into a Design & Development Unit. This fully-fledged section, headed by a foreign expert, prepares its own seasonal collection according to the latest market-trends.

AJRA’s insightful R&D team is always on the lookout for new types of fabrics and products. This helps the Design and Development team and results in better client-management.


Quality Control & Assurance

Throughout its decade-long operation, AJRA has perfected its Quality Control System, which includes scrupulous checks, to ensure flawless production. The experienced Quality-Assurance (QA) team extends its operation even into the procurement of raw-materials and machinery.

AJRA has continuously restructured this system, and it now features a unique capability in terms of industry-low rework and repair rate. It has acquired the latest Quality-Control equipment, and developed quality-consciousness among the workforce. Due to its firm grip on quality regulations, AJRA can meet the best AQL requirements of clients.

AJRA’s QA team provides no room for error and can readily assure superior product-quality to its clients. At AJRA, client satisfaction is company-satisfaction.